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Why It Is Important To Set Yourself Some Goals

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Goal setting is of the utmost importance!

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

I do not know how my business survived before I learned the importance of setting goals for myself!. My business was going in circles without achieving any real results. I did not know what I was doing wrong, but realized that I had to do something.

It is only after I spoke to a friend of mine, whom also happens to be an Internet Consultant, that I realized that
I had to learn how to do proper goal setting. Without learning to set goals for myself, I would pretty much live my life without direction for a long period to come. It also deemed unto me that with proper goals in place, it would be like giving my ship a compass to reach the port of my own choosing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to know what you want to achieve with each goal, as well as why you want to achieve those goals.

Whatever goals you set for yourself should come from deep inside your own feelings and emotions and not from the feelings and emotions of somebody else. By trying to reach the goals of somebody else, you will always feel emotionally detached from such goals. It will therefore be extremely difficult to give your full commitment, passion and motivation towards such  a goal.  Never can you or should you allow yourself to try and live your life through the dreams and hopes of somebody else.You can maybe support someone else, but never lead their lifes for them, or completely understand what motivates the next person to become a success in his own right. Goals are different from one person to another, so analyze each goal with clear thoughts.

The goals that you set for yourself, should be exactly what you want to be, achieve and have in the future.

When starting to implement your new found goal setting skills, you will soon find out why some people almost always succeed by actually doing it yourself! You will subsequently have the ability  to dream, have aspirations to succeed , as well as allowing yourself to make a huge success of your own efforts.
This in return will be the beginning of a life where a sense of direction and focus will be the driving force
behind all your efforts and achievements!

As you progress with your goal setting activities, you will will learn the importance of how to see end results.
What is meant by  seeing the end results?  It literally means to  see or visualize yourself being on that overseas
trip, buying the long dreamed of car or even having all your debts cancelled. It is important to allow yourself
some time each morning to meditate and vizualize about what you want to achieve as well as  imagine yourself
living the end result of each goal.

Take specific care to block out all negative thoughts and feelings  while you are doing your goal setting
activities. This in effect will definitely mean blocking out all obstacles that might hinder you achieving your goals.

Concentrate on what you are doing at present that will help you to visualize your current goals as achievable.
In a goal setting activity, positive feelings like freedom, excitement, well-being, growth and development or
enthusiasm are good signs.

Here are some guideline steps in completing goal setting :

– ask yourself what you intend to do, have or achieve

– set yourself goals that are specific, measurable, and realistic.

– realize that people have different ways of giving priority and managing time

– make a choice to lead a productive and successful life- a life that is healthy, purposeful and positive!

I truly hope that you will implement the above, as it has the potential to change your whole life.


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