Why should YOU Find Yourself An IM Mentor?

IM Mentor

IM Mentor

I am not one for mincing around with words, and only tell you things you want to hear or to get your favour and gain your trust. I strongly believe trust and respect must be earned. So, without any further delay or attempt to take your hard earned money from you, here is something to chew on: To make a success of your Internet Marketing business in a hugely competitive market, will take guts and determination!

It is not impossible for a newbie to get involved in Internet Marketing and make a success of it immediately, but even the rawest newbie had to put in something or get some things in place to obtain such success. No effort, no success!

So Marquerite, what does it take to make a success of my Internet Marketing career (or any career for that matter)?

Follow in the footsteps of somebody that has walked the walk. You do not want any other (one of several others) Internet Marketing Courses. What you really want is an Internet Marketing Coach. Someone who can take you by the hand and lead you to the way of success.

Such a Mentor would normally have years of experience in Internet Marketing, and would also typically be someone who is engaged in a never ending learning process him/herself. Someone who is constantly learning from other Internet Marketing Experts and keeping up to date with the most recent Internet Marketing trends, changes and techniques.

A Mentor is not hard to find, as there are hundreds of people on the Internet giving themselves out as Marketing Guru’s.  As mentioned in a previous post, your biggest challenge would be to find the correct Mentor for your specific needs and challenges.

In my next post, I will give you some tips and guidance on how to find a Mentor!

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